Mert Senel

Mert Senel

Cloud DevOps Engineer - Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator & DevOps Expert

Mert Senel’s Personal Tech Blog

Hi, and welcome to my personal blog. My name is Mert and I’m a Cloud DevOps Engineer.

I love everything related to Cloud and DevOps and in this blog I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences.

To learn more about me please visit About Mert

Recent Posts

Practical PowerShell Scripting for DevOps - Part 2

On this part, I will be extending the monitoring script we wrote on Part-1, with a polling while loop

Practical PowerShell Scripting for DevOps - Part 1

Practical Scripting Challenges and Solutions for DevOps with PowerShell

Agile Cloud DevOps Engineer

Designs like a Cloud Architect, Ships like a Developer, Operates like a Site Reliability Engineer
My transformation in 2020, and what Agile/Embedded DevOps Engineer Model is all about

Lessons Learnt Along The Way

12 pieces of advice I would give to my 20 year old version as an engineer

Azure ARM Template Development - Validate with WhatIf

Hi, I’m back with yet another script I would like to introduce and pretty much document for my and other’s future reference. Today’s script is named “Deploy-AzARMTemplate.ps1” and it’s geared towards one-click deploys from your local development environment to pre-configured cloud dev/test environment.



Azure Multi Region Scalable Web Architecture

Azure Festive Tech Hackathon Deployment Automation 2020 Submission Submission for Day3 Deployment Automation Challenge

Azure Usage and Cost Tracker

Sample Azure Native Serverless Cloud Solution, Usage and Cost tracker using Azure Durable Functions(Powershell), Azure Storage, Sendgrid(Email)

Microservices Lab on Azure Kubernetes Service

AKS Lab with Microservices Architectured Online E-Commerce Application Workload and Observability Tooling Automated Deployment

Azure Architecture Scenario: Protect an Azure App Service with a Cloud Hosted WAF (DNS Based)

A sample architecture that shows how to restrict access to an Azure App Service from a Cloud WAF provider’s IP Ranges

Infrastructure as Code CI/CD ARM Template Azure DataBricks Sample

Infrastructure as Code Showcase Project using ARM Templates and CI/CD for Azure Databricks

Infrastructure as Code CI/CD Terraform Azure App Services & Insights Sample

Infrastructure as Code Showcase Project using Terraform and CI/CD for Azure AppServices with Application Insights Application Performance Monitoring