Infrastructure as Code CI/CD Terraform Azure App Services & Insights Sample

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CI/CD Sample using .NET Core and Terraform with Azure AppServices

Azure DevOps Project:


The original source code repository used for this project can be found at:

The Initial CI/CD Structure was adopted from below Azure DevOps Lab:





  • Added Application Insights resource to the Terraform code to enable Continous Monitoring for the project.

Azure DevOps Pipelines:

Continous Integration

  • Converted GUI based Build Pipeline to YAML based build pipeline so it can be maintained with the project repository.
  • Build triggers configured to target push and Pull Request CI builds in order to use as status checks for safe contribution, adhering to Git flow.

Continous Deployment

  • Enabled Continous Deployment for both Pull Request and Push(to master and release branches) to Dev environment.
    • This environment and Release stage can later be used to run integration tests before promoting deployment to higher stages.
  • Added Continous Monitoring to the App Service via Application Insights with Release Pipeline task
  • Modified Release Pipeline to have Dev, Test, Staging & Production to promote DevOps practices.
    • Have stage specific variables to use same code with various configurations.
    • Management of Terraform state file via appending statefile name with stage name in pipeline.

Code Management / Github

  • Enabled master branch protection in GitHub repository with status checks requirement for safe contribution.
Mert Senel
Mert Senel
Principal Cloud DevOps Engineer - Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect, Azure Administrator & DevOps Expert