SSL Certificate Expiry Tracker

Track Your SSL Certificate Expiry Dates via CI/CD Pipelines

SSL Certificate Expiry Checker

Operation teams are responsible for rotating SSL certificates of the services they are responsible for which have HTTPS endpoints. Although it’s better to automate the full rotation process, this may not always possible. Regardless of the rotation process a regular check can help with keeping on top of overall SSL certificate health, expiry being the most important metric. We also know that, as of 2020 most certificate authorities limit their maximum validity period for newly issues certificates to 1 year. This adds a big burden to teams which are responsible for multitude of domain names and SSL certificates issued for relevant subject names.

I have recently published a project that addresses this problem via a practical pipeline based DevOps solution.

If you wish to have a regular check and receive a report like below, you can check out my project from this link:

Mert Senel
Mert Senel
Principal Cloud DevOps Engineer - Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect, Azure Administrator & DevOps Expert