Why Allowing Engineers to 'Fail Safely' Is Crucial for High-Quality Software Development

In an era where technology rapidly evolves, the old saying ‘fail fast, fail often’ has never been more relevant. However, the cost of failure in complex systems can be too high, stifling innovation and agility. This article delves into the concept of ‘failing safely,’ outlining practical strategies for creating an engineering culture where failure becomes a stepping stone for innovation, without risking system integrity. Learn how to set up ‘Safe Failure Zones’ that allow engineers to experiment freely, foster continuous improvement, and ultimately drive high-quality software development.

Stages of Platform Engineering and State of DevOps

Assess the DevOps maturity of your organisation in terms of Platform Engineering and see what should be your next horizon

SSL Certificate Expiry Tracker

Open Source DevOps Automation Solution to Track Your SSL Certificate Expiry Dates via CI/CD Pipelines

Practical PowerShell Scripting for DevOps - Part 4

On this part, I will be using the PowerShell String Operators Match and Split, Array Indexing and Regular Expressions to find if a particular Git Reference is coming from a particular branch and has valid SemVer version

Practical PowerShell Scripting for DevOps - Part 3

On this part, I will be converting our ForEach-Object loop to run in parallel for faster results

Practical PowerShell Scripting for DevOps - Part 2

On this part, I will be extending the monitoring script we wrote on Part-1, with a polling while loop

Practical PowerShell Scripting for DevOps - Part 1

Practical Scripting Challenges and Solutions for DevOps with PowerShell

Agile Cloud DevOps Engineer

Designs like a Cloud Architect, Ships like a Developer, Operates like a Site Reliability Engineer
My transformation in 2020, and what Agile/Embedded DevOps Engineer Model is all about

Lessons Learnt Along The Way

12 pieces of advice I would give to my 20 year old version as an engineer

Azure ARM Template Development - Validate with WhatIf

Hi, I’m back with yet another script I would like to introduce and pretty much document for my and other’s future reference. Today’s script is named “Deploy-AzARMTemplate.ps1” and it’s geared towards one-click deploys from your local development environment to pre-configured cloud dev/test environment.